Our curriculum is the heartbeat of the everyday work in school and is a balance of essential skills, key facts and life enhancing experiences.  The curriculum is evolving all the time to ensure it is always broad and balanced and not only promotes high academic standards, but meets the needs of each group of learners. It is not static and should never be so.

We aim to develop a sense of self -worth, an awareness of personal spirituality, a joy of learning and to support the long term remembering of key facts on which to build those essential skills needed for modern life, including overcoming the hurdles that life so often presents. Our children are more than a set of test scores, as essential as the mastery of the primary English and maths curriculum is. Of equal importance are the outcomes of those elements of our curriculum that are not so easily measured but which are essential for today’s children to thrive and promote their overall wellbeing so that their time with us ensures they are equipped to make a positive difference in God’s world for themselves and for others.