Year 4 Fencing Competition

Three year children from year four Jess, Tyler and Latif took part in a fencing competition at Sneyd Green Primary School. The children had never played this sport before but they all gave excellent effort. They took part in many matches between other schools and managed to come 6th. All the children agreed it was great to try something new. Well done!

July 2018: City Swimming Gala

Some of our year 5 and 6 boys recently took part in the City Swimming Gala at Fenton Manor Leisure Centre. The children were representing Hanley along with St George and St Martin’s primary school. They participated in various races including relays, front crawl and breast stroke. Hanley came 5th in the overall competition but a special mention to Lewis is managed to gain 3rd place in the medley relay and breast stroke- a real achievement!

Well done to all our team who worked so very hard and put lots of effort in.

June 2018: Hanley Town Athletics

Children from Key Stage two took part in the athletics against 13 other schools in Hanley. They competed in many events including the sack race, long jump, javelin, sprint and hurdles. After a long wait, we finally found out how we had done and we are pleased to announce that we are once again Hanley Town Champions! Well done to all who took part. Some of the team will now go on to represent Hanley in the City Athletics in July.

April 2018: Hanley Swimming Gala

Some of our year 5 and 6 children recently took part in the Hanley Swimming Gala at Ormiston Horizon High School. The children took part in various races including relays, front crawl and breast stroke. Most of our team came first or second in their individual or group races all achieved by their fantastic effort!
Children who won their events will now go on to represent Hanley in the City Gala in June.

Cross Country – Hanley Schools

Our Key Stage two cross country team recently took part in a Hanley meeting which took place at Milton Primary School. All the children in the team managed to successfully complete the circuit and did really well. There was around fifty children in each of the races that took part. Here are the top twelve results:

Daniel (Y6) 12th

Stefania (Y3) 11th

Amy (Y5) 12th

March 2018: Cross Country – City Finals

Following on from the recent Hanley cross country competition, children from year 3, 5 and 6 represented Hanley in the City finals which took place at Haywood High School.

The children found the course pretty tricky but put a lot of effort and enthusiasm into their performances. They managed to complete the race thus adding vital points to Hanley’s overall total. Well done everyone!

January 2018: City Netball

A huge well done to the year 6 children, who represented Hanley St. Luke’s at Fenton Manor in the Netball tournament on Tuesday 9th January 2018. The children were split into two teams and played a variety of different schools from across Stoke-on-Trent. Out of 5 teams, Team A and Team B both managed to come 2nd in their groups due to only losing one match.

The children have worked incredibly hard at training and this was definitely proved on the day!

November 2017


Some of our year 6 children took part in a Paralympics style competition at Heywood High School this term. The children were in groups of four and took part in various activities where points were added to make a final score. They enjoyed games such as kurling, balloon volleyball and blind folded roll-a-ball. All the children enjoyed the event and were very competition. One of our teams managed to achieve third in the overall competition out of fourteen schools. A fantastic achievement!
Click here to view the results

Cross Country

A big well done to our key stage 2 children who took part in the first cross country race against other Hanley schools at Hillside Primary School. Everyone put in such great effort and even though the weather was pretty wet and cold the children did really well. Thank you for all your enthusiasm!

A special well done to the following children who managed to achieve places in the top 10.

Yoyo Chen

Tyler Euesden

Stefania Nwankwo

Daniel Sherratt

July 2017: City Athletics

Twenty five of our Key Stage 2 children took part in the City athletics finals at Northwood. They were representing Hanley with children from other schools. The children from our school did fantastically and contributed lots of points towards Hanley’s total.

Our children achieved some brilliant results including lots of medals. Here are the results of those medal positions:

Year 3 girls relay team 3rd.
Ethan Barnfield 2nd sprint
Alexia Nwankwo 2nd sprint and hurdles
Nicholas Da Costa 2nd sack race
Efrata Tesgaye 1st CITY CHAMPION javelin
Brook McDonald 1st CITY CHAMPION javelin

June 2017: Hanley Town Athletics

A massive well done to all our key stage two children who took part in the recent athletics competition at Northwood. The children participated in activities such as long jump, javelin throw, hurdles and sprint. There were eight schools that took part.

Our school did extremely well and all the children put so much effort into their events. We managed to win the event by a massive 50 points, one of the best results we have had!

A lot of the children will now go on to represent Hanley in the City events in July.

Congratulations to everyone.

Miss Hunt